Electric water heater

Get up to 60-70% with an electric water heater combined with solar panels!

Paying for your new air conditioning system on a monthly basis?

Choose an electric water heater and enjoy a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution. Unlike gas boilers, which rely on gas consumption, an electric water heater runs entirely on electricity, eliminating the need for a gas connection.

In addition, heating on electricity offers an added benefit of stability in energy prices, whereas gas prices often fluctuate. An electric water heater puts you in control of your energy costs and invests in a sustainable future for your home.


Choose durability and efficiency with an electric water heater. In addition to being environmentally friendly because of their gas-free operation, electric water heaters are also extremely efficient in their energy consumption. By not wasting heat on exhaust fumes, you can take full advantage of the electrical energy used to heat your water.

With an electric water heater, you are investing in a greener future while still enjoying all the comforts and conveniences of hot water. In addition, an electric water heater requires little maintenance, saving you more time and money in terms of


Experience the convenience of instant hot water and an uninterrupted supply with an electric water heater. Unlike traditional water heaters, where you often have to wait for the water to heat up, an electric water heater keeps the water hot continuously.

In addition, an electric water heater offers the ability to provide hot water to multiple points in your home simultaneously. This means no compromises in comfort, even in households with high water consumption.

Why choose ELECTRICAL BOILERS from H&S Powersolutions?

Personal support

Our energy experts always conduct an analysis first to offer you the most suitable water heater based on your usage. This way we can ensure that you always get the best water heater for your specific situation.

Expanding storage capacity

Has the family grown, or have you moved and need a larger boiler capacity? No problem! Contact us to discuss the best option for your specific situation and needs, and we’ll install a larger model in your home.

Custom electric water heaters

With us you will find electric water heaters in many different sizes, so you will always find a model that fits your situation. Whether you need a small water heater for a studio apartment, or a large-capacity water heater for a large family, we have the ideal water heater for your specific needs.

Installation within 8 weeks

At H&S, you can count on fast and efficient installation of your electric water heater. We guarantee that we will have your water heater fully installed within 8 weeks of paying the deposit. That way, you don’t have to wait long to save on your energy bill.

Monthly installment plan

At H&S PowerSolutions, you can enjoy your solar electric water heater installation without tapping into your savings account. All of our products and services can be purchased on a monthly basis. Our financial experts will be very happy to put together a personalized repayment plan for you.

Reliable customer service

Providing customer satisfaction and excellent customer service is in our core values. That’s why we offer comprehensive after-sales service, including telephone support and professional assistance. Moreover, we constantly have a team of experienced technicians ready to solve your problems quickly and efficiently. So you can always count on prompt service.

Our working method

We like transparency. Below is our standard roadmap.

01. The first contact

Fill out the contact form or contact us by mail or phone. So together we will schedule an appointment on a date that is most convenient for you.

02. Expertise at your home

Three experts will visit you sequentially. First, we discuss an installation that suits you based on your consumption and future plans. Then you will be assisted with financial advice. Finally, a technical expert comes to discuss the practical points.

03. Custom quote

Based on the previous conversations, we will prepare an offer for you. At H&S PowerSolutions, all documents are handled for your convenience so you can make a decision with clarity.

04. The contractor comes by

We will consult with you on the best time for installation. Installation usually takes half a day. You will then be followed up by our consultants.

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Electric water heaters?

Contact us for more information on electric water heaters. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice for your specific situation.

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