All premiums and tax benefits to which you are entitled

For several energy-efficient investments in your home, you are eligible for a premium. In this article, we want to list the various premiums and tax benefits linked to our products/services, so that you definitely do not miss out on this financial support.

The different premiums

1. Solar panel premium

For installing solar panels, you will still receive a premium of up to 40% of the amount until 2025 .

For calculation purposes, for the first 4 kWp on your roof, a premium of €150 is granted, and from 4 kWp onwards you get a premium of €75 per kWp. The kWp of an installation is calculated by adding up the total Wp of the solar panels. Each 1000 Wp is equal to 1 kWp.

Note: The solar panel premium is only applicable for buildings built before 2014. Buildings whose year of construction is 2014 or later are not eligible for this premium.

The premium amount is a maximum of €750 and depends on the total installed kilowatt peak of your solar panel system. You will receive € 150 per kWp for an installation with a capacity between 0 and 4 kWp and € 75 extra per kWp for installations with a capacity up to 6 kWp.

The premium amount is no more than 40% of the investment cost and decreases by a quarter each year. On Jan. 1, 2025, the premium expires.

0 to 4 kWh€150/kWh €75/kWh
4 to 6 kWh€75/kWh €37.50/kWh
Maximum premium amount€ 750 (max. 40% invoice incl. VAT) € 375 (max. 40% invoice incl. VAT) No more solar panel premium

Example: You installed a PV system with 14 385 Wp solar panels in 2023. So the installation has a capacity of 5390 Wp or 5 kWp.

For the first 4 kWp you get €150 per kWp: (150 x 4) and for the5th kWp you get €75 = So the total premium is €675.

Tip:Our calculator [AD1] calculates exactly how much your premium will be on your PV system.

2. Home battery premium

You also get a premium when buying or leasing a home battery! The premium for a home battery is only valid until March 31, 2023. If you still want to be there, the date on your inspection certificate must be no later than March 31, 2023.

The amount of the home battery premium depends on the capacity of your home battery. The premium is up to €1,725 and does not exceed €40 of the total invoice amount.

Home battery capacity Amount until March 31, 2023 As of April 1, 2023
0 to 4 kWh €225/kWh
4 to 6 kWh €185.50/kWh
6 to 9 kWh €150/kWh
From 9 kWh €0/kWh
Maximum premium amount € 1725 (max. 40% invoice incl. VAT) No premium

Example: You have a home battery with a storage capacity of 5 kWh: (€225 x 4) + €185.50 = your premium is €1085.50.

Note: Home batteries inspected after April 1 are no longer eligible for the premium. So be there on time.

3. Roof renovation grant

With a (roof) renovation, you are eligible for the My Rooftop Renovation Bonus. Only families in the lowest and middle income groups can receive premiums. On the Flemish government’ s simulator, you can see if you qualify for the premium.

The premium amount depends on your income category and your home. On the website, you can check the details with each income category.

  • Lowest income category: 50% of the invoice amount
  • Middle income category: 35% of the invoice amount
  • Highest income category: 8 euros perm2

Note: Starting in 2024, premiums for roof renovations are lower: 35% for the lowest income category and 25% for the middle income category. For the highest income category, the amount is halved and you get 4 euros perm2.

4. Windows and doors premium

The same my Rebuilding Premium also applies to windows and doors. If you choose new windows or doors at H&S Powersolutions, you can check your eligibility on the Flemish government’s website.

It is difficult to put an amount on the my Remodel premium, the premium is calculated based on your income group. To know exactly how much your premium is, you can usethe Flemish government’s simulator.

Note: The My Renovation Premium for roof renovations and windows/doors applies only to buildings older than 15 years.

5. Heat pump boiler premium

Finally, the my Remodel premium also applies when you install a heat pump boiler. The premium is absolutely valid for buildings connected to the distribution grid before 2014. buildings connected to the distribution grid after 2014 may be eligible for the heat pump boiler premium under certain strict conditions.

and amounts to either 40% or 50% of the invoice amount, depending on your situation. Also The amount of the heat pump premium depends on your building and your income category. On the website of the Flemish government, you can see exactly how much your premium will be.

Tax reduction

1. Charging station tax credit

When you purchase a charging station, you still have until December 31, 2024 entitled to a 30% tax credit in 2023 and 15% in 2024. The tax reduction is valid until Aug. 31, 2024. You can deduct a maximum of €1,500 per charging station in personal income tax. Your tax credit is then calculated on this.

PeriodPercentage tax benefit on taxable amount Maximum benefit
January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 Tax reduction of 30% € 450
January 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024 Tax reduction of 15% € 225
As of September 1, 2024 No tax credit

Example: You installed a charging station in 2023 and entered €1250 in taxes. 1250 / 100 x 30 = your tax credit is €375.

Note: The charging station must run on green energy. You get this tax benefit only if you also have solar panels or a green power contract at home.

Read all conditions about the tax rebate on charging station installations on the Flemish government’s website.

VAT reductions

1. Solar panels reduced VAT amount

A second financial benefit is the reduced VAT on your solar panel installation.

  • Homes older than 10 years: Will always pay 6% VAT on a PV installation.
  • Homes under 10 years old: Pay the reduced VAT rate of 6% on a PV installation until Dec. 31, 2023. Starting in 2024, the VAT amount will be raised back to 21%.
  • 2023.

Note: Unlike solar panels, you do still pay 21% VAT on your home battery.

2. Roof renovation and windows/doors reduced VAT amount.

A reduced VAT rate of 6% applies to renovation works until December 31, 2023. Of course, at H&S Powersolutions, you’ll also enjoy this tax benefit for roof renovations or purchases of new windows or doors.

3. Air conditioning reduced VAT amount

Installing air conditioning is also covered by the reduced VAT amount for renovation work. That same VAT reduction to 6% also applies to our air conditioning systems.

4. Heat pump boiler reduced VAT amount

Finally, heat pump boilers are also covered by 6% VAT.

  • House older than 10 years: The reduced VAT amount remains permanently valid.
  • House less than 10 years old: The reduced VAT amount is temporarily valid until December 31.

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