Black Friday at H&S PowerSolutions - Get 2 FREE solar panels with your installation!

We at H&S PowerSolutions are excited to offer you an irresistible deal during our Black Friday Sale. With the purchase of 5 solar panels, you will receive not 1, but 2 PANELS FREE! Take advantage of this opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and save money at the same time.

Why choose solar panels from H&S Powersolutions?

SUPER Discount

Our Black Friday offer offers unprecedented discounts. Seize this opportunity to invest in renewable energy and save your wallet.


Quality is our top priority. Our solar panels are of the highest quality, with guaranteed performance to meet all your energy needs.


Take advantage of a reduced VAT rate of 6% instead of 21%. Save not only on the cost of solar panels, but also on taxes!

Free Cleanings

With our maintenance service, you don't have to worry about maintaining your solar panels. We ensure that your solar panels are professionally cleaned so that they always remain in top condition.

Installation Within 6 Weeks

Within 6 weeks of your order, one of our installation teams will come your way. At H&S PowerSolutions, wait times never deviate far from this time frame. Our goal is to help our customers as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your savings quickly.

Guidance on Application

Our staff will take care of registering your solar installation with Fluvius. So you don't have to worry about administration. Our staff will ensure that the application is smooth and error-free.

One-time Work Guarantee Of 15 Years

Do you have solar panels on your roof but want roofing work done? Our technicians will come once to disassemble your solar panels free of charge and reassemble them after roofing work. This allows you to concentrate fully on doing the roofing work, without having to worry about your solar panels.

Monthly installment plan

At H&S PowerSolutions, you can enjoy your complete solar installation without having to touch your savings account. All of our products and services can be purchased on a monthly basis. Our financial experts will be happy to prepare a personalized repayment plan for you.

Request Your Personal Consultation Now for Blue Solar Friday!

Want to discover how our solar panels are a perfect fit for your specific needs? Request your personal consultation today. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and put together a customized plan for you.