Air conditioning + solar panels: heat and cool on solar energy

Heating is the biggest energy consumer in the home. As much as 70% of the total energy consumption goes to heating the various rooms. With gas prices reaching record highs, people are looking for a way to heat their homes on electricity. With a modern air conditioning system, you cool and heat your home much faster and more efficiently. Combine this with solar panels, and you’ll be heating/cooling entirely on solar power. That way you save on your energy and natural gas bills at the same time.

We have been experiencing more and more heat waves in recent years. As a result, the indoor climate becomes unbearably hot. A good air-conditioning system helps against that: you can adjust the temperature to your own preference. However, many people still think that air conditioners today can only cool, but this is a thing of the past. Modern air conditioning systems are multifunctional. They can cool, heat, improve air quality and reduce dust mites.

Solar panels and air conditioning

If you choose solar panels with air conditioning, you cool or heat your home using solar energy. So the solar panels provide power for your air conditioner, which has positive effects on your energy bills and is environmentally friendly on top of that. When you heat entirely on electricity, you also get rid of that increasingly expensive natural gas.

Note: Make sure you use your air conditioner during times when your solar panels are producing a lot of energy. Throughout the day are the peak times of your solar panels, at night your panels produce a little less.

If you choose a modern air conditioning system and turn it on during peak solar hours from your solar panels, you can heat or cool your home without having to purchase electricity from your energy provider. With solar panels and an air conditioning system, you can avoid high energy bills and avoid high consumption spikes. That’s smart with the new capacity tariff.

How many solar panels do I need with my air conditioner?

Exactly how many solar panels you need to power your air conditioner depends entirely on your situation. We’ll help you calculate for yourself how many solar panels you should take to offset your air conditioning consumption.

  • In which rooms do you want air conditioning
  • How large the spaces are
  • How well insulated your home is

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