All the benefits of solar panels at a glance

Are you considering installing solar panels at home? Good idea! With solar panels, the sun is your main source of energy and you are less dependent on those ever-rising energy prices. Not quite convinced yet? You are by no means alone. We like to give you an extra push by reviewing the main benefits of solar panels.

Less reliance on mains power

As mentioned earlier, with solar panels you generate your own energy, making you less dependent on grid power. We fully recommend consuming as much of your own solar energy as possible during the day, as this is when your solar panels produce the most. The prices of grid electricity rose sharply last year. VREG closely monitors the evolution of energy prices. So having solar panels on your roof will save you a lot on your bill!

Extra benefit: On solar panels you pay only 6% VAT! On homes less than 10 years old, this reduced VAT rate expires on Dec. 31, 2023.

Injection fees

With solar panels, you may well be producing more energy than you are currently consuming. Then your surplus energy automatically goes back to the grid. And for that, you will be compensated! That way you “sell” your own solar energy, so to speak. How much benefit it yields depends on how much energy you consume yourself and how much energy you inject into the grid.

Note: Not every energy provider will give you compensation for this! Check here which injection rate will get you the most.

Value of your home increases

Another great benefit of a solar installation, is that your home has more value! Dutch researchers note that solar panels retain their full value when the house is sold. Solar panels represent a capital gain of about 2.56% on your home. Not only that, but solar panels will make your home extra interesting to potential buyers! Ideal for those thinking of moving, because the full value of your solar panels is included in the price of your home.

Did you know: When moving, you can also just take solar panels with you. All you need to do is provide Fluvius with a change of address. H&S Powersolutions will be happy to help you move your solar panels. On top of that, at H&S you enjoy a 15-year working warranty on your PV installation!

The solar panel premium

Because solar panels can be a big investment though, you can count on a premium from Fluvius. The exact premium amount is calculated on the strength of your solar panels. If you opt for a large installation, your premium could be as high as €1500. The calculation is simple: for every kWp you receive a subsidy of €225 in 2022. As of 2023, this is only €150 kWp. The average PV installation in Belgium has 5.2 kWp, representing a premium of about €1012. Read all about the premium on the Fluvius website.

Note: Solar panel premiums are down a quarter each year. From Jan. 1, 2025, the premium will disappear completely.

Long lifespan

Solar panels have a very long lifespan. On average with solar panels, it takes 25 years before you notice any deterioration. Solar panels are very slow to diminish in their efficiency. They lose only 0.8% efficiency per year. This means your solar panels will still have more than 90% efficiency after 10 years. You will hardly notice any deterioration. This makes solar panels a sustainable and safe investment for the future. If that’s not enough; at H&S Powersolutions, you enjoy a 30-year warranty on your solar panels!

Did you know: At H&S Powersolutions, you get an efficiency guarantee on your solar installation. Notice that your solar panels are suddenly generating less energy? If so, we will send a technician by to fix the problems.

Rarely maintenance costs

Solar panels are very robust. This means they rarely break down or malfunction. In short, they require little maintenance. Still, it helps to have your solar panels cleaned after a few years. At H&S Powersolutions, you even get several free cleanings with your solar panel installation. This keeps your solar panels in top condition!

Quick installation

Moreover, solar panel installation does not take much time. At H&S Powersolutions, a complete PV installation takes a maximum of 4 hours. The only thing you have to take into account is the waiting time, which is usually 2 months.

Extra benefit: With a backup box, you’re also armed against unexpected power outages. Your essential appliances (e.g., freezer, refrigerator, alarm system) will continue to get electricity from your solar panels and home battery for a while, usually long enough until the problems are resolved. You choose entirely which devices you connect to the backup box.

All the benefits of solar panels once again:

  • Less offtake of grid power and lower distribution grid costs
  • An injection fee for excess energy
  • The value of your home increases by about 2.56%
  • The premium of Fluvius
  • Reduced VAT rate to 6%
  • Longevity
  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • Quick installation

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