What should I pay attention to when buying solar panels?

Your roof type and orientation

The first thing to consider is your roof type and orientation of the roof. Most roofs have tiles or slates, on which solar panels can be installed. The only roof type not suitable for solar installation is a thatched roof. A flat roof, on the other hand, is always suitable for laying solar panels. In addition, H&S Powersolutions can even install solar panels on gazebos, steeldeck and corrugated iron panels.

Tip: On the Flemish government’ s Solar Map, you can easily check if your roof is eligible for solar panels.

Payback period

With solar panels, you have certainty of payback. However, the payback period depends on a number of factors. The more solar panels you take, and whether you take a home battery with your installation will all affect your payback period. Of course, energy prices are also a factor in determining how long it will take your installation to pay for itself. With consistently high energy prices, the payback period is shorter, but when energy prices go down, the payback period also becomes longer.

Did you know: with our unique calculation form you can easily and quickly get an indication of your payback period for your personal situation.

The brand of solar panels

There are 3 different grades of solar panel brands. This can be compared to a quality label, with tier 1 being the very best quality and tier 3 being the weakest.

H&S Powersolutions works exclusively with tier 1 brands and offers the longest warranty terms on top of that with a 30-year omnium warranty on your solar panels and inverter.

The installation period

When purchasing a solar installation, it is also always important to check what the installation time frame is. Solar panels are in very high demand right now, so many installers have long wait times. But not at H&S. At H&S, we will install your solar installation within 6 weeks and guide you through the premium application and notification of your installation.

Power of solar panels

The output of a solar panel is expressed in Watt peak (Wp). The more Wp your solar panels have, the more solar energy they can produce and thus the more efficiency you get from your solar installation.


When you make a big investment, of course you also want assurance that it will remain in good condition through the years. Therefore, it is important to have a good comprehensive warranty for both your solar panels, inverter and home battery. H&S Powersolutions offers you the strongest warranty terms, so you can sleep on 2 ears.

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