When are my windows due for replacement?

You have single-glazed windows

If your windows are already somewhat outdated, chances are you still have single-glazed windows. Single-glazed windows create very high heat loss in the home, and therefore higher bills for natural gas or heating oil. We very strongly recommend replacing single glazed windows, double or triple glazing offers much better energy efficiency. This keeps the cold or hot air out while you enjoy an optimal indoor climate.

You feel a cold stream of air close to your windows

If you feel a cold wind close to your windows, it is a sign that a lot of cold is penetrating through your windows. This can also be cold snap and is a signal that your windows are in need of renewal. The best solution to this is to choose triple-glazed windows. This reduces cold air coming from the windows and limits drafts.

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Your windows are difficult to open/close

If you notice that you are having trouble opening or closing your windows, it is an indication that they may be worn out. After long use, your windows may suddenly become more difficult to open and close. This is a typical sign of age and an indication that it is best to replace your windows.

You are bothered by a lot of outside noise

Are you bothered by a lot of ambient noise? Especially if you live in the city, you are familiar with cars, trucks, streetcars or children playing on your sidewalk passing by. Then renewing your windows is the ideal remedy for noise pollution. New windows muffle noise much better, so you can keep the peace at home.

Tip: PVC windows have very good acoustic insulation and are the best choice against outside noise pollution.

You may want to consider a window renovation if your windows:

  • have single glazing
  • produce a cold draft
  • no longer open and close smoothly
  • letting in a lot of ambient noise

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