3 reasons to choose an electric water heater

In times when natural gas prices are under pressure, we are all looking for alternative ways to heat our homes. This means that during this period, electric water heaters have become much more popular, as many families are looking for ways to become independent of gas. But that’s not the only benefit the electric water heater can offer you. It also keeps your water constantly hot and can supply multiple points with hot water at the same time. In this blog, we want to explain to you the various benefits of electric water heaters so that you can heat your home efficiently and cost-effectively.

1. Independent of natural gas and fuel oil

Electric water heaters have a reputation for using a lot of electricity. It is also true that your electricity bill will increase with an electric water heater in your home. However, if you compare the additional cost of the electric water heater to your gas bill, you do end up costing less at the end of the month. On average, the savings are around €50 per month, but this can vary depending on the size of the water heater. Moreover, electricity prices are not as volatile as gas prices.

For natural gas, we are completely dependent on other countries, because there are no natural gas resources in Belgium. Our natural gas comes primarily from Norway, Qatar, the Netherlands and Russia. Then again, for fuel oil, we rely heavily on Russia and Saudi Arabia. So for natural gas and fuel oil, Belgium depends on third parties, and these countries can influence the price we pay to heat our homes. With electricity, this is much less the case. – we produce our own electricity and also sometimes buy from neighboring countries

Note: The larger the capacity of your electric water heater, the more electricity it takes to keep the water hot. Our consultants will choose the water heater that best suits your needs.

2. Solar powered electric water heater

Our energy experts strongly recommend combining an electric water heater with solar panels. That way, your solar panels provide some of the electricity needed for your electric water heater. This way you are independent of the energy prices your energy supplier charges you. Combining an electric water heater with solar panels has the advantage that you can provide free electricity for heating your home and will therefore save on your energy bill. Combining your water heater with a solar system will reduce your electricity and natural gas costs.

3. Sustainable heating

An electric water heater heats on electricity, which means there are no CO2 emissions. With gas boilers and corn salt boilers, this is the case. Because your electric water heater does not burn gas, it is one of the most sustainable ways to heat your home. Of course, it is impossible to verify which source your electricity comes from. If you have a green energy contract you can be sure that your electricity was generated sustainably, but most energy suppliers offer a mix of green and gray electricity. As a result, you never know whether the electricity you purchase comes from a renewable source or from nuclear power plants.

Tip: With solar panels and an electric water heater, you’re sure to heat on 100 percent renewable energy.

The biggest misconception surrounding the electric water heater

There are many advantages of electric boilers over traditional condensing boilers. But there is a common misconception surrounding electric heating. Natural gas prices per kWh are lower than electricity prices per kWh. In other words, 1 kWh of natural gas is cheaper than 1 kWh of electricity. But: you need far more kWh of natural gas than you need kWh of electricity to heat water. This gives the illusion that heating on natural gas is more economical than electricity, when in fact this is incorrect. Also, electricity prices are much more stable than natural gas or heating oil prices. This is because electricity can be generated in various sustainable ways, think solar panels, windmills, hydroelectric plants, etc. As a result, the price of (green) electricity is more stable, while natural gas and fuel oil are under pressure.

Did you know: Installing an electric water heater does not require any home remodeling at all. Your radiators can just stay put and no additional special features need to be installed.

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